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surigal level 3

Level 3 Surgical Mask

Level 3 surgical masks explained 

All masks manufactured by Pro Facemask are level 3 surgical masks, however not all face masks are created equal! Read our short overview of the standards a face mask must meet to be classified as a level 3 surgical masks and how they protect you and your team.

Intended Use

Level 3 surgical masks are medical masks that are intended to provide barrier protection to minimise mucous membrane exposure to infectious microbial droplets.

Masks create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment and provide excellent protection against droplet transmission. They are ideal for wearers performing procedures where exposure to moderate to heavy fluid, spray or aerosols are produced.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency & Particle Filtration Efficiency

A level 3 surgical mask is tested to determine its Bacterial Filtration Efficiency using live (bacteria) particles in varying sizes. Level 3 masks offer moderate to high bacterial filtration rate ≥ 98% and ensure the materials within the mask offers high resistance to bacterial penetration.

Particle Filtration Efficiency is the measure of the efficiency of the mask in filtering particles passing through it. PFE is tested within level 3 masks using non-living particles that are fixed in size. Level 3 masks offer moderate to high Particle filtration ≥ 98% .

Breathability (Delta P)

Breathability of a level 3 mask is determined by Differential Pressure (Delta P) which measures airflow resistance on both sides of the mask. Level 3 masks meet mmH20/cm2 less than 5.0 allowing for excellent breathability for extended use.

High Fluid Resistance

Offering the highest protection when at risk of encountering blood and fluid splash level 3 masks have a resistance to penetration by synthetic blood to 160mmHg. Providing highest protection for wearers at moderate to high risk.

Who wears a Level 3 Surgical Mask?

Level 3 masks are for use in emergency rooms, hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare settings and are usually worn by doctors during surgery or invasive medical procedures as well as patients requiring added protection and peace of mind. Level 3 masks may also be worn in various industries, workplaces and communities requiring the highest level of protection for those working in close proximity to others and requiring added peace of mind.

It is also important to wear a mask correctly - read our guidance on mask wearing.