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Medical Mask


Pro Facemask Level 3 Surgical face mask, manufactured in Australia to meet world standards, is designed to provide maximum barrier protection for persons with exposure to moderate to heavy levels of aerosols, sprays and fluids.

surigal level 3

Surgical level 3 

TGA certified

TGA Certified

3 Layered design

3 Layer design

Australian Made

Australian Made

The Pro Facemask endures stringent testing to the highest performance standards and surpasses these standards within Australia/New Zealand, ASTM Standard (USA) and EN Standard (European) to ensure masks excel in clinical performance.

3 layer design

Pro Facemask Level 3 mask design provides 3 layers of protection with high quality materials forming distinctive components incorporating a soft inner layer of polypropylene non-woven fabric providing moisture absorption and comfort. 

The middle layer comprises of meltblown fabric for superior bacteria and particle filtration.

The outer polypropylene layer offers high level of fluid and splash resistance.
The soft latex-free ear loops and adjustable nose-piece enhance a personalised fit.



Bringing you commercial solutions

Our innovative production means that we have the capacity to manufacture and deliver high volumes of Pro Facemask here in Australia. Our large volume commercial offerings are available to support both government and industry with wholesale rates and bulk deliveries.