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surigal level 3

3 Layer Surgical Mask Design

Pro Facemask is a triple layered (3 ply) medical grade design. It is constructed using high quality materials.

There are two different types of materials that are used in Medical grade masks:

Non-woven Spunbond Polypropylene (Inner and Outer layers) and Non-Woven Meltblown Polypropylene (Middle layer).

Inner Layer and Outer Layers consists of Polypropylene Spunbond non-woven material is the most common material used for medical-grade face masks. The inner layer when worn against the face provides a soft lightweight feel and is absorbent enabling comfort for wearers throughout extended use.

Polypropylene provides exceptional breathability, offers excellent filtration and is naturally water resistant.

Middle layer consists of smaller and more delicate fibres with the use of Non-woven Meltblown Polypropylene. This material acts as an added filtration for bacteria and particle and is a key layer to maximising protection.

Nose strip – Adjustable and anti-fog

An adjustable nose strip is inserted into the layers at the top of mask and allows an improved seal to the face over the nose and can assist with providing anti-fog measures for wearers.

Ear Loops – Soft and comfortable

Latex free elastic ear band is thermally pressed to the mask to form soft loops for wearing over the ears providing maximum comfort for extended use.

Folds and Pleats

During manufacture the mask materials form folds and pleats that allows the mask to be adjusted to suit different wearers.


Pro Facemasks are manufactured to ensure consistency with design. Pro Facemask is approximately 175mm x 95mm and is cut and pressed to ensure adequately bound at all edges


Pro Facemask offers low sensitivity and low skin irritation material that has been determined through our Skin Sensitisation and Skin Irritation testing providing peace of mind for wearers.


Also known as flame spread, this tests how likely the material is to burn and spread flames.

Pro Facemask has undergone Flammability testing to evaluate the flammability of the mask by measuring the ease of ignition and the speed of the flame spread. Class 1 represents normal flammability